Many users prefer GbWhatsApp over WhatsApp because it has more features. For the best experience, consider downloading the newest version of WhatsApp, AGWhatsApp apk 2022.

[su_heading]What is AGWhatsapp Apk?[/su_heading]

It includes 5 versions: Blue, Golden, Pink, Green, and Red. AGWhatsApp Apk is an altered version of WhatsApp that is available in 5 colors. Asim Mahjoub developed the interface, and all four versions can be run simultaneously on a single phone.

AGWhatsapp Apk Download

[su_heading]Features of AGWhatsapp Apk[/su_heading]

Put a lock on WhatsApp

You can lock WhatsApp using a pattern, a PIN, or by touching the lock icon in the top corner of AGWhatsApp.


You can be sure that AGWhatsApp 2020 won’t be banned from WhatsApp.


The navigation button lets you move between chats without leaving the main menu.

AGWhatsApp Backup

WhatsApp Plus does not include this feature, but it is an important feature in official WhatsApp. According to developer Asim, you can back up your chats to your phone instead of Google Drive if you click Chat Backup in Adds.

  1. The main menu should contain 100 chats.
  2. Send a message to an un-stored number.
  3. You can save WhatsApp statuses.
  4. Send scheduled messages.
  5. Dark mode should be set to on.
  6. Make sure only WhatsApp has internet access.
  7. AGWhatsApp lets you change its theme.

[su_heading]How To Download & Install?[/su_heading]

Follow these steps to install WhatsApp.

  • From the button above, you can download the apk file
  • In the mobile settings, select Unknown Resources
  • You should uninstall WhatsApp if you have already installed it
  • Click on the download button above
  • Complete the registration process by entering your OTP and your name

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Is AGWhatsApp safe to use?

If you intend to use it for only a short period, yes, you can.

Can I use four different versions of WhatsApp on one device?

There can only be one installation per device.


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