The aim of AR Whatsapp Apk is to fill the void left by WhatsApp’s inability to save and hide each other’s status, hence its development. Installing the latest version will enable all of the privacy features. WhatsApp mods, such as this AR WhatsApp app apk, give us access to functions not offered in the original version.

AR Whatsapp Download

[su_heading style=”flat-blue”]What’s the deal with AR Whatsapp?[/su_heading]

WhatsApp’s official app does not provide access to many features such as changing privacy settings that are available through AR WhatsApp Apk. It was created by a person named Asim and is a mod version of WhatsApp. At the moment, you can use both versions of WhatsApp on your phone. As we’ll discuss in more detail below, this app provides many additional features over WhatsApp officially. Other apps do not provide these features.

[su_heading style=”flat-blue”]    Features of AR Whatsapp[/su_heading]

Customizing an application through themes is a convenient way to make it more appealing.

More emoticons, more emoticons.

Type and size of the font can be altered.

This feature allows us to decide whether our contact’s connection status should be public or private based on our connection status.

Downloading other users’ statuses and composing longer statuses are both possible.

Sending large files and multimedia documents is possible.

Mod Features

A batch can contain more than one file.

Multi-contact sharing is possible.

AR Whatsapp MOD version isn’t an official version, and therefore doesn’t work with WhatsApp due to its own servers. Backups of your messages are also not guaranteed.

You can also compare with Official Whatsapp.