Card crawl Mod Apk is a dungeon crawling game played with modified decks of cards. By using item cards, killing monsters, and managing your limited inventory, you must clear the dungeon. Five ability cards (mini deck building) can be used at any given time to gain unique skills. Gold helps you unlock 35 additional ability-cards, giving you access to even more tactics and higher scores.

Google Play enhances the four single-player modes of Card Crawl by enabling players to compare their scores and the decks they have created. Most games last two or three minutes and are a great “one more game” experience while in line or on the commute.

Features  Card Crawl Mod Apk

  • Solitaire-like gameplay
  • (normal, constructed, daily, delve)
  • You can build and share custom dungeon decks in the dungeon deck editor
  • The game includes 35 ability cards that can be unlocked
  • Building miniature decks
  • Integration of Google Play
  • In order to compare high scores and decks
  • It is fun to challenge your friends
  • To access a new achievement
  • A maximum of two to three minutes per game

Card Crawl Mod is it safe?

Our anti-malware platform scanned the application for viruses and detected none. Therefore, Card Crawl Mod is 100% safe. You can use AOL Active Virus Shield, AVG, Clam AntiVirus, etc. In our anti-malware engine, we filter applications and classify them based on our parameters. Therefore, Card Crawl Mod APK can be downloaded safely from our website.