It is more common for Android smartphone users to download modified WhatsApp applications. With CooCoo WhatsApp, you can change the theme of the application at no cost. The app offers tons of premium features. A free CooCoo WhatsApp apk can be downloaded via the link in this article.

Messenger apps such as WhatsApp are overwhelmingly popular on the web. The Facebook application offers over 200 features. Messenger apps such as WhatsApp are fast and secure. You can chat on WhatsApp, send large files and make audio and video calls.

[su_heading]Download CooCoo Whatsapp 2022 Edition[/su_heading]

You can download CooCoo WhatsApp 2022 Edition by clicking on the link below. Before switching to CoolCoo WhatsApp, CoolCoo WhatsApp recommends making a backup of all messages and media.

There are a few drawbacks to WhatsApp such as its inability to customize the interface, but we can work around this with CooCoo WhatsApp, which uses the WhatsApp Plus database to provide more than 5000 themes.

Coocoo Whatsapp Apk Download

[su_heading]Features of Coocoo Whatsapp Apk[/su_heading]

  • Video and picture downloads from contact statuses
  • WhatsApp and the stock look and feel similar
  • The data of all types are protected.
  • Adding a new chat
  • All hidden features are enabled by default.
  • This theme is beautiful (new theme)
  • An innovative theme that you can customize to your liking (DIY theme)
  • Lining a toast with a ringtone
  • An electronic device with a color display

[su_heading]How To Download & Install Coocoo Whatsapp Apk[/su_heading]

  • By downloading the version of the Android APK, you can get the newest version.
  • It’s a good idea to back up your old WhatsApp conversations.
  • It is now time to uninstall the original program.
  • Install the software by setting the option “SETTINGS > SECURITY > UNKNOWN SOURCES” to “ON”.
  • You should now see a new APK on your device.
  • You can now install the software after granting the permissions.
  • When you have installed the APK on your smartphone, the icon will appear on your home screen.
  • Open the application and sign up for it and restore old conversations with your contacts.
  • Using applications is a good idea.
  • Mod Features


Is it possible to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device?

It cannot be used with WhatsApp’s official service because WhatsApp CooCoo uses the com.whatsapp code name. ANWhatsApp, IOS WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and other modded WhatsApp applications can also be used.

What are the steps for updating CooCoo WhatsApp?

An update notification will notify you when a new version is available. You will also be notified about future updates by bookmarking this page.

Does Coocoo WhatsApp App require Android App Permission?

A portion of your device’s systems must be accessed by the app. You’ll be notified of all the permissions an application needs when you first install it.


Modders and app customization fans will love the Cooloo WhatsApp app, which provides a complete package. In addition to chat mods, it provides privacy mods, security mods and more. CooCoo WhatsApp APK supports both official Whatsapp and Fouads WhatsApp, which you can download from the linked page for free.