Cow Sounds Apk There are chickens that go cluck and pigs that go oink, but this app is all about the moo!This app lets you experience the sounds of cows and farm life virtually. Moos are known to everyone, but did you know that cattle also snort, grunt and bellow? A mother cow’s bellow to her calf can communicate tenderness, while an aggressive snort as a warning can convey aggression. It offers you access to all the cow sounds you’ll ever need, from black and white milk cows mooing softly in the pasture to bull cows grunting and snorting before charging. The sounds are fascinating, and you will learn so much about animals too! This app lets you listen to the entertaining. Interested in music teaching? Check the vacancies.

Cow Sounds Apk

What’s New Cow Sounds Apk

  • Updated for a better user experience.
  • sounds of cattle on the farm. Click the button now to get started!

User reviews

Miranda Thawatha

I love it so much who ever made this game bless the Lord he/she must go to heaven can I get a pay back u ever made this game xoxo love you xoxo

Cliff Martin

Best app Ever Perfect app for cow sounds. Love the repeat feature, best tool to confuse/annoy people. Only thing is I wish the share button let you send the sounds instead of just a message. Overall worth the download.