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Crow calls Mod Apk lets you create your own electronic crow caller Gray crows can be found anywhere there are trees, whether they are in a forest, town or city. Her distinctive croaking identifies her even without sight. In the spring, during the mating season, the crow sometimes sings, but most people may not be aware of this. Her song consists of soft gurgling sounds. Crows prefer groves, forest edges, parks, and gardens as nesting sites. Both the male and female construct the nest from rods and branches, and it is lined with a softer material such as tow, rags, paper, and feathers. Female birds incubate the eggs, and it is the male’s responsibility to feed her and guard the nest. Each parent feeds the chicks.

Crows are sedentary and roam occasionally. Crows from the north migrate to central Russia in the winter, while those from the middle zone migrate south. A crow is an omnivore; it eats plant and animal matter, including carrion; in the spring, it gathers dead fish after a flood. It also feeds on mollusks, and it picks the shells out of the water and breaks them against a tree or throws them from a height onto a stone to break them.

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In feathered birds, the crow is one of the main robbers. Along the banks of rivers and swamps, it disrupts nesting birds’ nests and drags eggs, even in such large birds as ducks, or in the absence of owners – even in swans. It destroys young birds and eggs. When a large chick is captured (egret and cormorant chicks), the crow drops it on the ground.

Often, in the young and middle-aged deciduous forests, you will encounter a chaff of forty. Children’s fairy tales familiarize us with her appearance. As a jay cry, forty charms warn forest dwellers of danger.

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It’s a good builder, Magpie. This nest possesses a spherical shape, is built of twigs, has a roof and a side entrance, and is covered with clay from the inside. Feeds on forty kinds of food, including insects, rodents, eggs, and young songbirds. In the nest of magpies, you can often find colored glass, buttons, or other objects that are always shiny in the sun. Magpies can imitate human speech, like starlings. Enjoy with Crow calls Mod Apk