Making business on e-scooters is a trendy thing. It has several benefits in a row as electric scooters rental is as follows:

  • It is an in-demand business as lots of people especially young people, prefer to use eco-friendly and fast transport that is an electric scooter.
  • In the era of the economy, e-scooters are much cheaper than calling a taxi or buying fuel for your own car.
  • Besides, making business on e-scooter rental needs low costs to spend. Especially if you do not start it from scratch and choose to launch an electric scooter franchise.

At RexSoft, we provide e-scooter app development services for half a decade. That helped us to gain skills and experience to provide the most comfortable solutions for our clients that are going to start their e-scooter rental business. That is the e-scooter franchise we’ve developed to make the process of starting the business an easy thing. Let’s talk about it in detail. 

What Is the Essence of Electric Scooter Rental Franchise

Electric Scooter Franchise: What is It and How Much Does it Cost?

  • What Is the Essence of Electric Scooter Rental Franchise

When it comes to renting e-scooters, starting a business seems easy. But there are several pitfalls that you can get in the way:

  • It is necessary to purchase a fleet of scooters. The more e-scooters in your fleet, the easier it will be to make the business profitable.
  • It is necessary to think over and develop an application that will simultaneously help rental service customers rent electric scooters and pay for services, and business owners will be helped to carry out all the main business processes online, including fleet control, income accounting, and interaction with customers.

If you are going to start an e-scooter rental business from scratch, you will have to shell out a tidy amount of money for the development of software, which will be your main tool in the business. For e-scooter applications, the development cost is at least $30,000. And this is in the best-case scenario when you hire a development team from Eastern Europe. Try to request a quote from US agencies and you will see that the price will be three times higher because the rates for the work of Eastern European developers are $30-$40 per hour, while their American counterparts work for no less than $100 per hour.

At the same time, you will have to invest in the purchase of a vehicle fleet, and this is also a considerable cost item.

A non-standard solution – buying a franchise – will help reduce the cost of opening an electric scooter business. This format of cooperation with web developers assumes that you receive a unified but at the same time, effective software solution that will allow you to start working immediately.

Consider also the cost of time. The development team will need >1,000 hours to develop software (application) for e-scooter rental. When you purchase a franchise from RexSoft, you get a ready-made tool for work much faster.

  • Benefits of Getting E-Scooter Franchise

In addition to the speed of obtaining a turnkey solution for your business, the benefits of a franchise include the following features:

  • Completely ready and debugged software, which is tailored specifically for this business niche.
  • Support by qualified specialists who will not only install the application and debug it according to your needs but will also be always in touch to solve any problems.
  • Electric scooter franchise cost is much lower, and in addition, you do not have to invest a significant budget from scratch. You pay an entry fee and then pay for a subscription. If the business is booming, you can easily cover the costs of the franchise, but if you decide to close the rental of electric scooters, you just need to cancel the subscription.
  • Features of E-Scooter Franchise from RexSoft

We have already shown the prospects of such a solution as buying an e-scooter rental franchise to start a business. But that’s not all. At RexSoft, we offer much more than just a franchise. With us you can:


  • Customize ready-made solutions for your needs and features.
  • Pay less with flexible subscription rates. The average cost of a franchise is a $5,000 starting fee, and then the monthly payment is $5-$8 per scooter. If your fleet of scooters is less than 50 units, the charge will be $8 per unit, if more, the rate will be lower.
  • The application itself, supplied under a franchise, includes a full-fledged CRM and clients for users, operators, and the rental owner.

All this allows our customers to effectively run their e-scooter rental business without high costs and expectations.