A crucial aspect of today’s world is communication. A growing number of messaging apps have been released since smartphones became widely available. Despite the use of many apps, WhatsApp is still the leading platform for communication. WhatsApp allows for ultra-private messaging. We are however, naturally greedy creatures. FMWhatsApp APK Download has been created in response by the developer community.

[su_heading]Why is FMWhatsapp Apk so useful?[/su_heading]

The App is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, as you probably already know. Why should you use it? You can answer this question simply; this version provides you with improved visuals and features not available on the original app. Using this App, you have the freedom to modify it to suit your needs. As an example, in its modified version, you can change the color scheme from green to red or blue. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, that may be a convenient option for you.

FMWhatsapp Apk Download

[su_heading]Features of FMWhatsapp Apk[/su_heading]

There are a number of new additions and features in this app that we will discuss below.


  • With the library, you can pick a topic based on the app’s color.
  • Your library supports custom themes, which can be added by thousands.
  • Change the graphics and colors of all icons in the App to customize them.


  • App privacy tweaks allow you to hide features such as last seen, blue whatsapp, and double ticks.
  • It is not possible to deactivate video calling in the original App.
  • You can secure your app with a password by using the app lock. By doing so, your data will be well protected.

Special features

  • Contacts do not need to be saved in order to send messages. With this app, you can send messages to contacts who have not been saved.
  • You can pin a maximum of three chats on the original App. However, this app allows you to pin 100 chats.
  • Colors of the groups can be changed, which was missing in the original App.

Features to increase security

  • An in-built lock is not available in the original App. Password-protection is available in the App.
  • Pins can be added to a chat to secure it.

Limits raised

  • This app lets you message 500 people at once. It had a limit of 250 users in the original version.
  • Per recipient, the maximum number of images is 60. According to the App’s original design, that wasn’t possible.
  • It prevents your messages from being deleted by the recipient as a result of delete-prevent mechanisms.
  • A collection of over a thousand topics is available at the library.
  • There is a limit of ten images per message.
  • There is a 700MB maximum for the size of a file you can share.

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[su_heading]FMWhatsapp Apk Download[/su_heading]

The following instructions will explain how to download and install the file: 

The default settings on your phone prevent you from installing apps from unknown sources, so you must enable them before installing the app. This location can be found below.

  • Click on settings
  • Go to the security tab
  • Allow unknown sources
  1. Go to the file manager where the APK is located and click on it.
  2. Click “Install”.
  3. It will take a few seconds to install.
  4. Start by clicking the Open button or finish by clicking the Done button from your home page.
  5. Simply click on the “Agree and Continue” button to continue.
  6. To copy your WhatsApp data, you’ll need to enter your phone number and then click “Copy WhatsApp Data”.


How did FMwhatsapp become banned?

Modifications for WhatsApp such as FMWhatsApp are popular. There are features in this app that are not offered by the original app.

How can I download FMWhatsApp?

Your device’s AppStore does not contain this app, so you can download it anywhere online. We are the only place that has this app since it’s a modified version of an app.


Even if simple things are doing their jobs well, they can still be boring at times. If you use WhatsApp mods, you shouldn’t worry about being blocked. What’s your opinion about how mods affect messaging? Fmwhatsapp apk files are available here. Feel free to leave us a comment about the app.