The settings of Jio Whatsapp Apk can be customized according to your preferences. There are some features that aren’t essential, but it has some very exciting features. 

In this section, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about downloading the iOS or Android version of the app. The apk file is only available online.

[su_heading]How Does Jio Whatsapp Work?[/su_heading]

Earlier, we discussed how the custom version of the app could be customized to fit your needs. Today’s multi-digital world has many benefits.

Jio’s version of WhatsApp has a lot more features than the official app. It is constantly being tweaked by mods to make it more useful. A better messaging app is available for Android devices.

Jio Whatsapp Apk Download

[su_heading]Features of Jio Whatsapp[/su_heading]

  • Call and voice recording buttons can be hidden. 
  • You can copy contact statuses by simply tapping them.
  • The application will be restored and you will be able to make backups.
  • The visibility of your current status can now be customized. As always, you can synchronize the statuses of all your contacts.
  • The app can be modified to remove update notification dialogs
  • You can create a design with font sizes, colors, and even transparency that matches your preferences
  • It has anti-ban features
  • Blocking video calls is possible
  • The ability to download status videos

[su_heading]Where Can I Download JioWhatsapp for Android?[/su_heading]

The easiest way to install this app is to install other apps first. Back up your data and messages before installing the APK. By doing this, we can ensure that it’ll work properly. In case you don’t back up your device, all messages and files will be permanently lost.

The mod will not function if the original WhatsApp is uninstalled. Installing it over the original WhatsApp installed app will fail since the system will recognize it as an installation attempt.

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 Here are the instructions you need to follow to install it on your phone.

  • Ensure that your WhatsApp conversations are backed up.
  • It is best to uninstall the original App.
  • Use the above download link to install the new APK.
  • To save a file, go to the mobile folder
  • To open the file, double-click it
  • It will ask for permissions
  • Then click “OK”
  • You can now enter your mobile number
  • In the box where you receive the OTP code, paste it
  • Here is your name
  • This application can be used immediately and is ready to go.

Update the application?

You should update WhatsMod to the latest version. Because this is a modified version of an official app, there are no updates available. Be careful of sites with out-of-date downloads.

You can get this mod’s APK file by clicking on the download button above. All you have to do is click the APK file to install the mod. You’ll receive the most recent version when you click the download button.


The most recent and exciting features of Jio Whatsapp Apk can be enjoyed without visiting any other website anymore.