Download Kitty Kate Groom and Care Mod Apk 

Kitty Kate Groom and Care Mod Apk, Although owning a kitty as a pet is not an easy decision, this new cat game is impossible not to love if you are a fan of animals. We prepared super cool ways to raise money for you to feed and care for your little animal in this revolutionary new game, so you can say that it is the game you’ve been waiting for so long. Your cat will be divided into five sections, each of which will determine the needs of your cat. Each phase will require you to participate and even to learn something.

Besides having endless fun, you can earn coins based on how well you do in the mini games. There are three games you can choose from: paws block puzzle, find the odd one and bird escape. These mini games are named expressively and you can earn coins very easily.

Kitty Kate Groom and Care Mod Apk

You help the kitty fulfill her needs in the bathroom section. She can use the toilet, brush her teeth, and take a bath. Taking care of the kitty’s bedroom means removing annoying bugs, brushing her fur, and most importantly: letting the kitty sleep. Following a long nap, her appetite is larger, so you should feed her appropriately. Get her protein and lunch supplies from the money you’ve earned. Here is where you will get this cat a brand new look. Then, use the coins to purchase items from the online wardrobe for your kitty and then equip her. After all, the pet is representing its owner, so try combining your favorite colors. Dress them up with cute accessories.

Kitty Kate Groom and Care Download

   Here are a few highlights of the game:

  • A single game that can be played multiple times
  • The game is free to play
  • Learn about the needs of a kitten and take care of it
  • Designing as well as caring
  • Gain experience in pet care