Story Line:

Kokka is a Punjabi movie released on 20 May, 2022. A young man from India named Akal meets an unmarried lady from UK by the name of Ajooni during one of his visits to his nani.

As time goes by, the two begin to get attracted towards each other before eventually falling in love and deciding to get married. But just as things were looking up for them, Akal’s family who are based in India question their relationship and they refuse to accept her because she is an older woman and they want an NRI bride instead.

The film closes on a positive note as Akal’s undying love for Ajooni helps convince his family that age is just a number and that it doesn’t matter how old someone is provided she has all the right ingredients including an open mind and heart!

Movie Info:

  • Full Name: Kokka
  • Language: Punjabi
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Quality: 480p, 720p & 1080p HDCAM
  • Format: MKV

Producer &Writer

  • Santosh Shubash Thite
  • Raman Aggarwal
    Vishal Johal
  • Nitin Talwar
  •  Rupinder Inderjit

Official Trailer:

Movie Cast:

  • Neeru bajwa
  • Gurnam Bhullar
  • Rupinder Rupi
  • Baljinder Kaur
  • Gurpreet Bhangu


Song Duration
Darling 03:41
Tu Te Mai 02:32
Sohna Koi Nahi 02:56
Holla 02:27

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