Students drop a year to concentrate on JEE preparation. There may be manifold reasons as they may not get admission to the desired engineering course of their choice, a wrong strategy for the preparation or in some cases may feel that the preparation is not up to the mark. Glancing at the previous year’s neet sample paper will give you an idea of where your preparation stands in the current scheme.

Whatever be the case the aim is to obtain admission into one of the reputed engineering colleges of the country. Since the Covid surge of 2021, NTA has begun the process of conducting NEET exams four times in a year. In some cases after a yearlong strategy still you may not be able to make it to the top colleges of the country. There is no point in losing hope as it may be the starting of something new. Below are mentioned a few tips that would enable to clear the JEE mains with flying colours

Do not fall into the trap of social anxiety

The major decision that you end up making is to drop a year when it comes to preparing for JEE. You should be feeling your mind with positive thoughts and do not pay heed to the negative reviews that are spread by the society regarding wasting a year. You need to keep yourself motivated for the excellent results in the coming year.

Analyse the past attempts and your results

This is a crucial step as you may already gone on to experience JEE mains. Now you have to analyse your results what is the best and worst thing that you have done in the exams so as to obtain the desired result. It can be a concept clarity due to lack of time management, missing out on the essential topics, focussing on one or two subjects and committing silly errors. Be aware that the reasons may differ from one student to another student.

The last month should be split into a couple of phases

Based on the analysis you need to decide on how you would be spending the last two months.  A repeater student will be having more time than a class 12 student. They tend to be on the upper hand as they have already revised since they have gone on to revise the syllabus once. Doing this will enable you to understand your strong and weak areas as you can allocate the time to the remaining areas

  • Revision method- This time should be set apart from concept revision. It should clear the doubts along with the misconceptions that you may have. Ideally this method should last 20 to 25 days before the exam. There are various books on crash courses that are available that would give you an idea to cover the entire curriculum in 30 days.
  • Self- analysis method- In this phase it would be better if you solve jee main free mock test as far as possible. Make it a point that you take these tests regularly that would be similar to the main JEE exam in terms of difficulty and exam pattern.

Develop productive study habits

A single hour of productive study is more than 5 hours or distracted study. Do follow the below suggestions and understand the difference they will make to your study preparation

  • Mark the complex subjects that would take you a longer time to understand. During the phase of revision this would turn out to be handy
  • Do all the subjects daily. Make a balanced approach as it is easy to address all topics.

Opt for mock tests and practice previous years question papers.

Since you have already sat for the JEE main exams you will be familiar with the pattern of the exams. So as to figure out your current position it is suggested that you take the papers all over again. To fine tune your preparation the test should be taken based on the latest pattern of JEE exams.

Tap the right resources

A suggestion for a repeater is that they should not be making any changes to the theory books. Since these books do have an impression and your brain is aware of the concepts, if you study from a new book it is going to disturb the image. Even you will find it difficult to understand the memorized concepts

Dropping a year and preparing for the JEE main exam is a common practice that most students adopt. With a decision making conviction and a proper approach results will be fruitful.

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