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With the help of these programs, studying can become a breeze. The Tasker reminds you when to do a particular assignment, while CamScanner is an excellent note-capture app. StudyBlue flashcards and quizzes make studying a breeze. Those are just a few of the apps you should check out. For more, read our article on the Top Android apps for students. And don’t forget to download them today!

Tasker reminds you of exams and assignments

If you are like me, you have tons of tasks to do. Tasker is one of them. But I’ve always struggled with remembering them. That’s where Tasker comes in handy. It will remind you of any exams or assignments you need to complete, including the dreaded SATs. Then, when it’s time to sit down and do those assignments, Tasker will pop up a reminder dialog and ping you every time you finish a task.

CamScanner is a note capture app

Students and educators alike are finding the CamScanner note capture app very useful. It allows you to scan documents such as PowerPoint presentations and books, and add notes directly to them. You can even scan handwritten notes on papers, and the app will recognize them and automatically digitize them. The app is particularly useful for distant learners, and allows you to upload your scanned notes to cloud storage.

This note-capture app is available only for Android phones. Its basic features include the ability to capture up to two pages of a textbook, save them as JPG or PDF files, and adjust brightness and contrast as needed. It also offers high-resolution soft copies and the ability to take pictures of whiteboards. The app offers many other benefits as well, and is free to download.

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iHomework helps you organize your school life

iHomework is a mobile application that will help you organize your school life. The program has a built-in calendar and can be used to keep track of upcoming assignments. You can add repeating assignments so that you can enter tasks due daily, weekly, or monthly. It will also record grades and report card information for each course. You can also add partners, email assignments, and create lists of due dates.

iHomework is an organization app for students and parents. It keeps track of assignments and due dates, allowing parents to monitor and guide their child’s work. The app also has pop-up reminders for upcoming work, and it lets you organize your work by day, week, or course. It even has a feature to list non-assignments. The application is available on both the iPhone and iPad.

StudyBlue flashcards & quizzes

You can cancel your subscription to the StudyBlue flashcards & quiz apps from several sources. You can cancel the subscription directly from the StudyBlue website, via Paypal, or by going to your Apple ID profile. To cancel the app on iOS, follow the same steps as for Android. Once you’ve cancelled your subscription, you can uninstall it from your device by going to your iTunes account. Then, follow the steps on the website to cancel the subscription.

Besides creating flashcards, StudyBlue also offers quizzes and review sheets that can be converted into quizzes. The app can also track your progress in a “digital backpack” so that you can refer to it whenever needed. In addition, you can customize the flashcards and study materials with images and audio. This way, you can take notes and review them anywhere. You can even share them with friends and family to help them study.

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StudyBlue is a useful study app that allows students and teachers to create flash cards, study guides, and more. It also allows students to change their schools, and lets non-students view what students have studied. Ultimately, it’s the perfect study app for students and teachers alike. StudyBlue allows students and teachers to keep track of their studying habits and progress through self-testing and self-graded quizzes.

This flashcard creation app makes it easy for students to create learning cards based on different subject areas, and you can add audio or images to your notes. You can then study on the go, and review your notes anytime you have some free time. StudyBlue offers millions of flashcards that users have created and can study from. It even gives users test score feedback after each quiz. StudyBlue is free to download and use, and its many features make it one of the top Android apps for students.

Dragon Dictation

The free version of Dragon Dictation is useful for students as it can be used for language learning and for classroom projects. You can dictate your ideas or write short phrases, and then read them back or share them with others. It also allows you to record your voice so that you can edit your writing later. While the free version is a bit limited, it can help you learn the language quickly and efficiently.

Developed by Nuance Communications, Dragon Dictation is a reliable text-to-speech solution for mobile devices. It provides professional-grade accuracy, which is especially useful if the user needs to dictate lengthy texts or transcribe recordings. The software is built into smartphones and tablets, so it can be used on a PC, Mac, or Android-based device. It works offline and can adapt to different accents and environments.

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