Every gamer who enjoys competitive player vs player combat has been anxiously awaiting the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2. That is true for a variety of compelling reasons, to be sure. The introduction of a new class of weapon, the Glaive, was supposed to bring about the much-requested diversification that the game lacked. This new category of weapons features two different attack modes: the more common melee attacks, as well as a ranged assault. It was intriguing to speculate about the position that this sort of weapon might take in the metagame. However, maybe an even more significant addition to the Witch Queen was what fans were truly looking forward to the most. The mechanism for creating weapons, which took away some of the randomness of the game and gave players the opportunity to construct their own firearms (also known as “rolls”).

Check out our comprehensive post on the Witch Queen’s PvP meta if the thought of this information makes your heart beat a little quicker. There, you will discover the most up-to-date information on the kind of items that players are equipping in order to advance their ranks as quickly as possible. You will also find out whether or not some of the older legendary firearms and pieces of armor are still as strong and potent as they were back when it was their turn to utilize them. You won’t believe it, but a few of the old legendaries are vying against the firearms that were just introduced. It will be quite fascinating to watch which gear prevails: the one that has been around for a while or the one that has been introduced with each expansion. Anyway, if you want to learn everything for yourself, you should check out that page as soon as possible.