New features have been added to the short messaging app, which we are showcasing to the first customers in a new version called WhatsApp Indigo. There are many WhatsApp MODs, which allow the app to add capabilities it has not even thought of implementing fast enough to meet the requests of its users.

This is why many people consider them fascinating tools for redoing talk applications. From SX Projects, you can download and install WhatsApp Indigo version 5.60 free for free.

WhatsApp Indigo Apk Download

[su_heading]Features of WhatsApp Indigo[/su_heading]

Additionally, Android users have access to several WhatsApp Indigo features. Let’s take a look at some of the new features in the new version.

Low-Performance Devices

Many low-performance devices cannot run WhatsApp because it requires a certain set of hardware specifications. This prevents users from using WhatsApp Prime on such devices. These requirements are not needed for WhatsApp Indigo, which works on the majority of Android devices.

  • Remove any sluggish Emojis from the current list 
  • WhatsApp can be customized with different topics
  • Changing the WhatsApp subject line
  • In this case, there are 300 people in the group. 
  • One B includes 300 people
  • Radio broadcasts. 
  • Copies other people’s statuses 
  • 256 characters are allowed for standing
  • The maximum amount of media you can share is 1GB
  • Instead of header name, use your name
  • When two messages are copied at the same time, it would be nice to remove a schedule and a name 
  • The Shroud’s call button 

Mod Features

[su_heading]How To Install Whatsapp Indigo?[/su_heading]

This process must be followed step by step.

  • Installing it is as simple as installing Whatsapp
  • Before you uninstall the original WhatsApp app, make sure you backup your data.
  • After that is done, you download the APK file from a third party website via a web browser.
  • Make sure you have the “Unknown source” setting turned on.


How do I update WhatsApp indigo?

In order to download and install WhatsApp Indigo, follow the above instructions


The look of their Whatsapp accounts will contrast with their friends’. Furthermore, you can choose different colors for WhatsApp themes, including Cyan, Gray, Crayon, Pink, and 3 Dimension form. Users can freeze their chat time by clicking the “freeze” button. However, this may affect the safety of their conversations.