The Prime version of WhatsApp is a good example. With this version, video calling is available only. You’re curious… what does it do? Here’s what it does.

When it comes to instant messaging apps on the Internet, WhatsApp takes the lead. It’s obvious that a billion users are online. At Facebook‘s corporate headquarters, WhatsApp Plus is managed and can be updated incrementally with small improvements. There is a need, however, for more features and functionalities.

[su_heading]WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK[/su_heading]

Transparent Prime is a unique WhatsApp tweak. WhatsApp’s transparency will set it apart from other messaging apps. As far as GBWhatsApp’s features go, Prime is the best. A transparent modification will make Transparent Prime standout as a WhatsApp feature.

WhatsApp Prime Apk Download

[su_heading]Features of WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK[/su_heading]

Customize on a bigger scale

WhatsApp themes, notifications, stickers, group participants, and size can all be customized. WhatsApp’s custom made feature is less likely to cause bugs or errors than most older WhatsApp mods. Activate WhatsApp Transparent Prime today to take advantage of all the features.

Anti-ban mode and DND mode

Whatsapp’s Do Not Disturb feature is excellent. Using WhatsApp Prime, this feature is error-free. With WhatsApp Prime mod Android APK, we have updated the anti-ban system to account for its development. Instead of using other WhatsApp versions, using this mod will reduce your chances of getting banned.

[su_heading]How to Install Whatsapp Prime?[/su_heading]

Step by step, you must follow this process.

  • The app is similar to whatsapp for wap
  • Before you uninstall the original WhatsApp app, make sure you backup your data.
  • APK files are downloaded from a third-party website via a web browser once that is complete.
  • Turn on “Unknown source”.

Mod Features


How do i use Whatsapp Prime?

You can choose the home screen picture of your smartphone according to your preference. As a result, ignore all the wonderful features of WhatsApp that help you manage privacy and consider other options so that it is the best mobile chat application available today. 


This application offers a countless number of features with a stable result and is far more reliable than any other WhatsApp application available today. Images and videos can be shared, and chatting with friends has now become seamless. Among the changes is the interface, which has been updated. WhatsApp’s greatest features are now accessible through this mod.