The football training camps of NFL has started in the last few weeks, even though the start of most of the leagues is a few months away. Most of the football clubs have gone on to gear up for another round of fantasy sports season. No such feeling exists in terms of too much preparation when it comes to fantasy football. The process includes intensive research about the football players, conducting online mock drafts and undertaking every single possession that a player goes on to obtain. You ought to understand that fantasy football is not a hobby but it is a way of life and most of the people do consider it as the fantasy of all sports.

Fantasy sports is a multi- billion dollar industry, and many people are of the opinion it has gone on to become an unhealthy obsession. But there are actual mental benefits when you engage in a game of fantasy football. Now it is does not mean that you engage in a game of fantasy football would be a fanatic approach. What it means is that fantasy sports is actually good for your brain. Such mental benefits may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for all football players who is encountering a lot of issues when it comes to playing football in comparison to other games. In some cases their family members are part of the games as well. There are numerous benefits of indulging in a game of fantasy football and let us understand things in details


Technology in terms of drawback has forced people into isolation, but this is one game that improves friendships along with social relationships. Based on a survey it was found out that men and women who suffer from depression and anxiety attributed the main reasons due to lack of social interaction and friendship.

It was also found that that people who have stronger friendships tends to live longer, and would be less prone to stress. By indulging in a game of fantasy football there is bound to be a lot of social interaction which includes a draft party, numerous conversations with your friends about the roster moves, planned out trades and why your team is better than anyone’s else in the current scenario.


Once again according to experts, competitive feelings may be good for you. Make sure that you allow yourself to feel the competitive feelings properly and directly which is acceptable this turns out to be healthy. Competition advantage gives us an idea on what we want, and the moment we reach there it gives us an idea on how we can become better.

There is no point for yourselves to supress your competitive feelings. You have to channel them through a game of fantasy football and your brain will give a nod of approval for the same. Just you need to remember that you will be keeping the trash talk surreal.

Decision making along with critical thinking

The game of fantasy football is all about critical thinking and decision making. According to some people it could turn out to be a decision in over thinking, but you need to make decisions based on expert opinion and data every day during the course of a fantasy football league. It could be based on which players who want to start during a game or deciding which are the players you need to drop from the list. Whatever be the case fantasy football means non- stop critical thinking along with decision making.

The experts feel that there are many benefits of critical thinking such as superior communication skills, saving in time and an increase in appetite of the different world views. An example is that you can check out what was your friends draft in the earlier game of football.


This quality is applicable to all the popular fantasy football players out there. When you are the leader of a fantasy football team it means that you are the leader of 10 to 12 people in a group. The leader is the person who formulates the league, set up the basic ground rules and drafts the scoring system. Even they are responsible on how to schedule the draft and the responsibility lies with them for arriving at the correct scoring decisions, trades or be it roaster issues.

It may sound ridiculous but in short it means that you are general of an army and the various members are the soldiers. They need to follow your command. Even if you are not your boss at work you happen to be the boss of your fantasy cricket league. A general feeling is that when you happen to be your own boss it turns out to be a beneficial move on all counts. You will be aware that your mental, physical and creative spirits are bound to exceed than what you thought if you were master of your own domain.

leadership also has a series of benefits when it comes to encouraging your own employees, family members or team members in hanging through the tough times and addresses ways on how to deal with a challenging situation. From all these above pointers the fact that emerges is that the leader is the man who is in charge of everything.

To sum it up still you can engage in a game of fantasy football and become your boss at work. It is an interesting fact that people who went on to play fantasy football did go on to report an increase in their productivity levels. This when you compare with players who did not engage in fantasy football their productivity levels did report a decrease.

Studies do showcase that if you are stressed and unhappy it may have a major impact on your mental health. People who are part of such an environment tend to gain more weight, and the levels of stress can have an impact on their personal and professional life.