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In this game that plays out like an apocalyptic version of The Producers, you will play as a businessperson for the galaxy’s number one company in the niche market of zombie cuisine.

Your job is simple: find cool zombies and capture them with a special harpoon gun so they can be turned into delicious juices, dishes and other scrumptious treats to serve hungry customers across the galaxy.

You need tools to “Catch ‘Em All”, so make sure to utilize your resources well so that you can include zombies like brain-eating golfers, skateboarders and brides from the neighborhood funeral parlor.

But there are a couple of downsides to Zombie Catcher game. See the next section to find out why all this isn’t easy as it appears, and why there was a need to introduce Zombie Catcher mod APK to users.

Why is a Mod needed for Zombie Catcher?

After level 45 the game becomes redundant and it gets boring. The game is clearly wanting you to spend money on the game, because you have to spend money in order to unlock different levels.

About 2 weeks ago my game glitched out and I was only at level 60. I had four drones online, but didn’t realize that it still showed my stats as if the fourth drone wasn’t connected to make an order until the next day.

I lost everything except for a few trace amounts of juice stored in one of the three drones left behind when everyone disappeared from my base. So I now have 500 plutonium and no drones.

It is tough to get back on track with only 300 cash on hand (or plutons) every time I want to place an order for another robot worker, but hopefully I will get back up to speed soon enough!


We are sorry to break your bubble but websites with online generators for in-game stuff are actually just scams. The only sure way to get what you want is from within the game itself. You can grind for it or you can download mods like, umm… oh yeah!

Zombie Catcher’s Mod! Now you can have unlimited plutonium that makes everything all the more enjoyable… and when you’ve got endless amounts of everyone’s favorite element, why not spend it on some sweet guns and who eats those things anyway.

All Levels Unlocked

Zombie Catchers has completely 100 different levels, each featured with its own uniqueness. As a player reaches level 30, the difficulty starts to ramp up and they get much more frightening.

This is where a lot of people quit playing Zombie Catchers because it becomes too difficult for them to pass.

Fortunately there’s an app called Zombie Catchers mod apk that allows players to jump directly to any level no matter what stage they’re on!

Money (Coins)

Coins are a valuable resource that is used to upgrade and purchase assorted weapons. To meet the increasing demand for zombie merchandise, one must catch as many zombies as possible.

To capture large quantities of zombies, one must acquire the best weaponry, which requires a lot of money. With Zombie Catcher Mod APK, you’ll get unlimited coins which you can use to freely upgrade your weapons.

All equipment unlocked and upgraded

Zombie Catchers offers an assortment of weapons in comparison to other games we’ve previously reviewed. Users can select from a number of deadly weapons, ranged or otherwise.

You begin by using a harpoon gun to catch your first zombie and decide whether you would like to upgrade that weapon’s abilities or use another one from the inventory screen.

For example, you could also use a jetpack as another form of catching zombies if you’d prefer not to carry your prey around with you on the ground.

Other more adventurous players might opt for the net gun which does just what it sounds like it does – fires a net at your target and traps them for hours until you decide to release them onto the map again so that they re-spawn with full health once again!

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