WhatsApp’s privacy policies limit users’ abilities to read other users’ statuses, so they can’t hide their online status, but there is a version that enables these features and is compatible with the iPhone.

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A modified version of WhatsApp, GM WhatsApp, created by Jehad Al-Demshki, gives you both more privacy and control over your information. Additionally, you can customize the WhatsApp theme. This app is not available in Google Play or on an official website. Apps can be downloaded from many websites, and you must install the latest version in order to update. There is no other way to update the older version. You can download alternative versions of the GM Whatsapp app if you use an iPhone or Windows PC.

GM Whatsapp Apk Download

Requirements To Install

  • You must have Android 4.0 or above.
  • Strong Internet Connection
  • Modded Apk File On your Phone

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Privacy Features

  • The last seen and online status can be hidden.
  • “Forward message” should be hidden.
  • Don’t let your friends know you’ve seen their status.
  • Keep messages and statuses from being deleted.
  • Hide the blue ticks, the second tick, the typed word, and the recording word.

Hide Media

Hide media files from the gallery if you don’t want them downloaded automatically. Photos, videos, and graphs can all be hidden.  You can restart the app if you still see pictures in the gallery. 

Change the Emoji Style

Instead of the original WhatsApp style, GM WhatsApp offers five different emojis.

Typing Indicator

It is possible to reply to your contact without letting them know that you were active or typing.

Additional Features

  • You can download many themes from the store by going to: WhatsApp Themes.
  • Switch to dark mode.
  • Only turn off WhatsApp’s internet connection.
  • Auto-messaging and scheduled messaging.

Whatsapp Mos Apk's Latest Version Download Now Free

[su_heading style=”flat-blue”]How To Download GM Whatsapp?[/su_heading]

  • To install this version, you must uninstall the previous one.
  • Now enable “Unknown Sources” in the settings. Doing so will prevent any warnings from being displayed. 
  • To install the app, click the download link below, then click the install button.
  • Whatsapp is successfully installed now.
  • Enjoy!

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How much does it cost to download GM WhatsApp?

It is totally free to download this Modded version of WhatsApp.


For a modified version of WhatsApp, we recommend GM WhatsApp. Its features, as well as its interface, are absolutely captivating, and you will never want to uninstall it.

Not Available on Google Play Store because it’s the mod file.