If you are in a new city and want to have a lifetime fun experience that you can never forget, you should consider hiring a friendly escort. Escorts are not only great travel companions, but they are the best when it comes to fulfilling all your sexual fantasies that you have been dreaming of. 


If you want to satisfy your lust and wanderlust at the same time, then no one is better than a friendly escort, which you can hire from skipthegames. Let’s get to know how you can enjoy your time wholly with an escort in a new city. 

9 Ways You Can Enjoy Your Time With Your Escorts 


Here are a few ideas on how you can have a lifetime of fun with an escort. 


Have any kissing fantasies like wanting to make out with a stranger or kissing in strange places? Then, it is time to make your fantasies come true by hiring a friendly escort. Escorts are super-friendly and can play along with your fantasies. Be it a French kiss or a hickey, escorts can please you with their skills. 


Do you enjoy having a proactive sexual partner who seduces you with a striptease? Escorts are the masters of seduction and can get the beast out of you with their sensual dancing and striptease. Your escort can also tie you up and give an erotic lap dance. 

Erotic Massage 

What’s better than getting an erotic massage from your escort in a new city? Buy an organic body healing oil and let the escort do body-to-body massage, which not only relaxes your muscles but awakens your sexual desires. If you enjoy getting licked, ask your escort to lick your body clean. 

Oral Sex 

Oral sex is another way to pleasure your body when you are with your escort. Whether you enjoy getting a blowjob or anilingus, escorts can fulfill your sexual needs. If you hire escorts from skipthegames, you can satisfy your desire of cumming on your escort’s face and body or getting them to swallow your cum. 

Costume & Cosplay 

Having sex while wearing animal costumes and accessories like bunny ears or tails is another fantasy that your escort can fulfill. Escorts can also cosplay as a maid or any other character you like and have sexual intercourse with you. Having sex while wearing lace lingerie is another thing you can try with your escort. 

Outdoor Sex 

Is outdoor sex one of your kinky fantasies? Be it a park, public transportation, or any other outdoor place, you can try having your outdoor sex with your escort. When you are in a public place, you can also put a remote control vibrator inside her vagina or anus and control it. 

Sex Toys 

If you want to try sex toys, you can use different sex toys like dildos, vibrators, and anal beads before having sex which will stimulate your partner. It is also best to use sex toys while having sex, which will bring extreme pleasure to both of you. 


If you are not satisfied with vanilla sex and want to try hardcore stuff, make sure to have BDSM sex with your escort. BDSM means bondage, discipline or dominance, submission or sadism, and masochism. With BDSM sex, you can show your dominance, make your partner submissive, tie up your partner, inflict pain like spanking, etc. But, make sure to have a safe word while trying BDSM. 


You can hire two escorts from Ladys.one and enjoy a mindblowing threesome. While having sex with one person, you can use sex toys on another person. If you are into group sex or gangbang stuff, you can hire numerous escorts or go to a sex party with your escort and have sex while watching others. 



Be it oral sex, outdoor sex, cosplay sex, or gangbang, escorts are the best in satisfying all your sexual desires in a new city and boost your sexual health. They can be your travel partner, and you can have sex at any time.