Online sportsbook websites have replaced offline bookmakers in popularity. More and more bettors switched to online activity and prefer to make predictions via betting websites. Online betting is popular due to its convenience, accessibility, and ease of navigation. Bettors receive all they need in one place and enjoy wide functionalities.

However, bettors have recently become more active and increased their demands for online sportsbooks as well. Thus, the betting industry does not stand still and evolves as the demands of clients rise. Due to the global switch to smartphone experiences, betting websites need to be adjusted to running via portable gadgets.

Mobile betting is gaining more and more popularity. While it was a competitive advantage a dozen years ago, nowadays, it is a must since mobile unfriendly bookmakers simply can’t attract clients. GGBetz comes as an example of a modern sportsbook where players enjoy favorable conditions, including several mobile solutions. Below, we’re going to consider how mobile betting is arranged on this website and highlight the key concepts.

Types of Mobile Solutions: Apps VS Websites

Generally, online bookmakers offer two options for making forecasts via mobile devices. These include:

  • customizable browser versions;
  • downloadable apps.

The first solution is more common since all sportsbooks have mobile-friendly websites. The second one is less popular; only top-rated reputable bookmakers develop apps for their clients. Still, each solution has its pros and cons, and we’re going to consider them in more detail.

Customizable Browser Versions

A browser website is an exact copy of a desktop website. It has an identical layout with the same pages and interfaces. This solution has the following benefits:

  1. Bettors do not need to download utilities on their devices, keeping the hard drive free.
  2. Running via mobile browsers. Websites are compatible with all types of mobile browsers. Perfect compatibility is achieved due to the integration of enhanced algorithms and technology.
  3. Perfect customization to any screen resolution. Websites are programmed to adjust to both tablets and smartphones with any resolution. Bettors can use any device and enjoy high-quality images and broadcasts.
  4. One website is compatible with all types of OS. There is no need to create different versions for iOS and Android users. Both categories of smartphone owners can make bets via one website.
  5. Bettors can borrow devices to log in and monitor their bets.

Accessing your betting account via a browser website is an easy way to bet on the run. The only requirement is to ensure a smooth Web connection. 

Downloadable Apps

Another option implies the need to download special apps. Usually, bookmakers develop separate versions of apps for iOS and Android users. Some sportsbooks offer apps for one category of users only (for instance, an Android app, while iOS owners can use the website only). Apps have the following advantages:

  1. Each app is designed to run on a particular operating system, that is, it is developed, taking into account all peculiarities of this OS.
  2. It occupies little space on the hard drive and does not interfere with gadget performance. When the app is loaded, the device does not lag.
  3. The range of functionalities is not reduced. Bettors get access to the same functionalities.

This option requires installation and download. The process takes a few minutes. However, make sure that your device is configured to accept files from unknown resources. Otherwise, the gadget won’t identify an installation file.

Advantages of Mobile Betting

Finally, let’s list the main benefits of making sports forecasts via mobile devices. We’re going to make a comparison on an example of the GGBetz bookmaker. Mobile betting on this sportsbook is advantageous due to the following peculiarities:

  1. Full freedom of action. Bettors are not bound to their PCs. They can access their account anytime. It’s possible to entertain yourself in queues and traffic jams, or even monitor the sports schedule during coffee breaks at work.
  2. Live broadcasts. Bettors can make not only pre-match forecasts but also watch sports matches via smartphone and make bets on the run.
  3. A full range of opportunities. The list of bonuses is wider, it’s possible to transfer funds, study statistics, etc.
  4. Keeping an account at hand, regardless of your location. Even if you go on vacation, your profile is available in a few clicks.
  5. Multiple bonuses. Some bookmakers give extra promotions for downloading the app, that is, they encourage bettors to switch to mobile betting.

While online betting is more advantageous than offline activity, mobile betting comes as a superior option according to comfort. It brings betting experience to the highest level and allows clients to keep their profiles in their pockets all the time and monitor their experiences anytime.

To sum up, note that modern bookmakers are proficient in terms of portable betting. At least one mobile solution is always provided on sportsbook websites. So, bettors will enjoy their careers without the need to hurry up to go home.