With Adam WhatsApp Apk, you can customize the app to fit your specific interests. Developer Abu Arab developed the application. There are many users of this app in Rwanda, Libya, and Morocco. The total number of searches conducted on the app each month is just under seven thousand. The app has no website.

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[su_heading]Adam WhatsApp’s Features[/su_heading]

  • How to remove garbage data from Adam WhatsApp Apk
  • You can delete any message you send at any time
  • Prayer times can be found using the app
  • Hadith and Islamic messages
  • It is possible to schedule messages for later distribution if you have blue and brown Adam 2 WhatsApp
  • Users can deactivate Read more to read longer messages
  • Tags can be applied to members in a group
  • When they are tagged in groups, users receive a notification
  • It is easy to read the Holy Quran wherever you are thanks to this app, as it contains the Holy Quran.
  • Color effects are available in various forms 
  • Every page of the app features different icons for accessing different parts of the app
  • Texts and suggestions that can be automatically responded to
  • There are many arabic fonts available for formatting text
  • Increasing or decreasing the font size
  • You can change the color of the font 
  • The red and purple versions have been added
  • Choosing whether transparent mode is enabled or disabled
  • By reducing the brightness and enabling night mode, you can reduce eye fatigue
  • Maximizing other apps is easier when an app is minimized
  • The home screen and separate conversation screens can be set to have different locks
  • With the app, you can choose who can add me to groups
  • There is a default color scheme of black and brown
  • There’s no need to install third-party VPN proxies. The software includes a VPN proxy built in
  • Separate the conversation screen from other screens
  • Islam: Aspects
  • An additional security feature that protects your privacy
  • A fun way to use emojis in conversation
  • Multimedia can be hidden from the gallery
  • Adam WhatsApp has all of the common features of WhatsApp
  • Ads will not appear within the app

[su_heading]Adam Whatsapp Apk for Both IOS and Windows[/su_heading]

The Adam2 WhatsApp app is not compatible with iPhone, so if you want to use it, you will need to download OB2 WhatsApp or Hawa WhatsApp instead. A WhatsApp in Arabic is known as ADWhatsApp.

Mod Features

[su_heading]How To Update Adam Whatsapp Apk [/su_heading]

The old version of an app may cause a problem, so uninstall it. Afterward, download the updated version. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about updating the application. We update the links to our website every time a new update is released.

[su_heading]How To Install[/su_heading]

The following instructions will guide you in downloading and installing Adam WhatsApp on your Android device.

  • Put an end to WhatsApp’s official app
  • Apps can then be trusted with untrusted resources
  • Download the new Adam WhatsApp app now
  • Installing the apk file is required
  • Please fill in all required fields
  • The registration process can be completed by clicking here

What’s the Difference Between Adam and Official WhatsApp?

On the same phone, you can use Adam WhatsApp and Whatsapp. The two applications require different telephone numbers, so you can’t use them both at the same time.